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Search for jurisdictions.

To find the jurisdiction you're looking for, simply type an address into the search bar. We’ll suggest a few results as you type to makes things faster.

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Hey presto - results!

Your search results will be displayed below the searchbar and as pointers on the map.

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Colour-coded results.

The pointers on the map are colour-coded, making it easy to match them to the list of search results.

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View location details.

Select a pointer on the map or a search result from the list to view the details of a particular court or sheriff.

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Jurisdictions on the go.

Access Jurisfy from your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Finding jurisdictions has never been easier!

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How your account works

he easy-to-use dashboard makes it simple to manage your account. Explore Jurisfy's benefits during your 30 day free trial.

How your account works