Simple pricing and a free trial

Whether you're from a small company or a big firm, there's a Jurisfy plan to suit your needs. We also offer all our users a free trial.

Our straightforward pricing is structured in a manner that suits individuals and firms. We offer our users a monthly fee, and provide discounted pricing to firms with a number of users.

Early-Adopter Pricing

On the 1st of April 2017 we'll be moving our users to a paid plan. We're offering a 12-month, discounted rate to our early-adopters - that's you! These prices are outlined below and dependent on the number of users per firm.

1) Small Team

Firm with fewer than 5 users:

  • R75 per user per month, or

2) Medium Team

Firm with 5 or more users:

  • R65 per user per month, or

3) Large Team

Firm with more than 10 users:

  • R55 per user per month, or

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